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"There may be someone smarter, prettier, or thinner, but no one has your smile"


-Christian Simon

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About Me

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”- Kurt Cobain

    • Christian, Chrissy, Chris or my favorite "Hey girl Hey!", I answer to them all! I graduated with honors from Louisiana State University with a B.A in Theatre Performance and a minor in Dance. While there, I was an officer for the Legacy Dance Team, President of the Dance Ambassadors, and Co-President of the Music and Dramatic Arts College Council.  I won the Outstanding Featured Dancer Award in 2014 and was nominated for Best Actress from New Venture Theatre.  One of my favorite memories as a performer is playing the iconic Tina Turner in the musical Beehive at Stagework’s Theatre.  I’ve choreographed for many shows including: Black Nativity and Shout: the musical. My choreography for both shows was nominated for New Venture Theatre’s Best Choreography Award. In 2016, I launched a youth and adult dance program at the Paula Manship YMCA.  During the current Pandemic I have made it my goal to keep the world dancing by producing both Virtual Dance Camps and online dance courses. I believe in doing everything with a spirit of excellence!

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