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Getting to Okay is a story of both grief and triumph! In this book, I tell my personal story of loss and disappointment, after the death of my late boyfriend.  Simultaneously I help others through their own story.

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Pictures for Grandmother shares the story of seven-year-old Maddie. In this story, Maddie experiences grief for the first time. Come along with her as she learns about loss and how to deal with her emotions. This story helps

teach children about grief and how to overcome it.


"There may be someone smarter, prettier, or thinner, but no one has your smile"


-Christian Simon

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About Me

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”- Kurt Cobain

    • Christian, Chrissy, Chris or my favorite "Hey girl Hey!", I answer to them all! I graduated with honors from Louisiana State University with a B.A in Theatre Performance and a minor in Dance. While there, I was an officer for the Legacy Dance Team, President of the Dance Ambassadors, and Co-President of the Music and Dramatic Arts College Council.  I won the Outstanding Featured Dancer Award in 2014 and was nominated for Best Actress from New Venture Theatre.  One of my favorite memories as a performer is playing the iconic Tina Turner in the musical Beehive at Stagework’s Theatre.  I’ve choreographed for many shows including: Black Nativity and Shout: the musical. My choreography for both shows was nominated for New Venture Theatre’s Best Choreography Award. In 2016, I launched a youth and adult dance program at the Paula Manship YMCA.  During the current Pandemic I have made it my goal to keep the world dancing by producing both Virtual Dance Camps and online dance courses. I believe in doing everything with a spirit of excellence!

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